Wild Swimming Flat Lay Print


You can not describe it. People will often ask why you choose to strip off on a cold Autumn morning and run into the lapping waves of the sea or squidgy your toes into the mud and weeds of the edge of the lake as you wade your way out for a sunrise dip - and honestly, it's to chase a feeling that has no words. Open water swimming, wild swimming, dipping - whatever you'd like to call it, it's an activity amongst all activities that fully immerse you into the wild natural surroundings. You feel the seasons, as the water temperates change, you view the world from another angle and your senses are never more alive. 

This handmade print depicts the wonderful, messy world that is wild swimming, filled with cake, hot coffee, crocs, weeds and wooly hats (good friends and giggles applied). 

All our prints are created in our Off Grid Studio in Llangollen, Wales. Our collections are inspired by nature, designed with heart, and made with thought for the environment.  

  • Always swim with caution and tell someone where you're going
  • Size A4
  • Quantity 1
  • Printed to order to minimise waste
  • We aim to post your order within 72 hours
  • Sent via Royal Mail. £1.50 postage charge.
  • Printed on recycled cream card
  • Ink colours: blue