Potato Root Veg Print


Growing vegetables in your garden, allotment or window box is one of the simple joys in life. There is something wonderful about pottering around the veg patch on a late summers evening tending to your veggies and there is nothing like the taste of your own grown spuds (potatos).

We love our root veggies so much, that we've dedicated a whole series of lino prints to them. Hand cut and printed with care, these prints celebrate the joy of growing your own, which you can frame and showcase in your home.

These lino cuts of some of our favourite root veg would make a brilliant gift for any gardener, from novice to pro. Or for anyone who just loves a beautiful vintage anatomical style piece of artwork. 

All our prints are created in our Off Grid Studio in Llangollen, Wales.  Our collections are inspired by nature, designed with heart, and made with thought for the environment.  

  • Designing to follow the UK growing season
  • Size A4
  • Quantity, 3 double sided cards
  • Printed to order to minimise waste
  • We aim to post your order within 72 hours
  • Sent via Royal Mail. £3 postage charge.
  • Printed on recycled cream card
  • Ink colours green
  • One of part of a set