Crafted & gathered with love from our hideout in the hills.

Our shop has been born out of love for the world around us. It fascinates, inspires, and educates us every day.
Our products are all created and printed in-house, using sustainable materials and printed to order to reduce waste. We design with love and thought for the environment.

Made somewhere Off Grid

A love of nature in our every day is not enough, we’ve gone one step beyond and nestled ourselves on hill sides and at the edges of great national parks. The artwork that we create does not come from a basic interest or research - it comes from our surroundings. Our studio is located in the beautiful Ceiriog Valley, North Wales, and we have a base on the edge of the Peak District in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The outdoors has become our studio, our inspiration, our therapist, our canvas, our meeting room, our best friend and our constant. We know the benefit that surrounding our hours with it has on our physical and mental wellbeing - and we hope to share that love and knowledge to you and your friends. 

Born from a nomadic design agency, now laid down its roots (for a while) - our agency continues to grow and evolve, bringing us projects and clients from a multitude of industries and walks of life.

Agency Life

Founded by us (Sally and Kim), Off Grid was born out of our friendship and a creative connection that saw the work that we produced together became stronger and better considered when the opportunity to collaborate arrose. This has produced some amazing work over the past few years, working with adventurers, conservation charities and wonderful start ups, without outputs spanning branding, illustration, book design, web design and much, much more! It’s been one heck of a journey - and we’ve only just started!

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